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Tips to Buy Wholesale Kurtis Online


Nowadays everything you can buy online whether for personal use or for business purpose. While online shopping for personal use from B to C portals, customer gets easy return option in a limited time but at the same time on B to B portals, this option does not appear or available with some terms and conditions. In today’s online world; Small retailers, showroom owners and shops also want to procure their inventory directly from Ladies Kurti Manufacturers to reduce their extra cost like the huge margin/ commission of distributors, wholesalers and traders so they can compete with cut-throat competition.

Finding Kurti Manufacturers Online:

In order to find a manufacturer online, just go to Google and search for your desired product manufacturer using some keywords related to your product i.e. Kurti Manufacturers, Kurti Wholesalers. You will find a list of manufacturers, wholesalers and dealers nearby your location but it’s not necessary that these sellers are suitable for you. You should also try to search with a location from where you are looking for a manufacturer i.e. Kurti Manufacturers in Mumbai, Wholesale Kurtis in Mumbai, Ladies Kurti Manufacturers in Malad, Kurti Wholesalers Mumbai etc.

Short List Suitable Manufacturers:

Once you find the list of manufacturers, just visit their websites and check their products and prices as well. You can call them and inquire about their products, price range, quality etc. Also inquire about courier charges, tax invoice, and return/exchange policies. If possible, you should visit their place so you can check the product quality and all varieties. If not, you can request them to send some details on WhatsApp or email. Simultaneously, check the company’s reputation online; Read carefully customer feedback, negative comments and also check whether any complaint against the manufacturer showing online. Good feedback can be arranged but none of supplier want to show their negative feedback, so please read carefully and notice whether the manufacturer/supplier has replied on negative feedback or not. Sometimes competitors and jealous people give false negative feedback to reduce manufacturer’s repo and popularity which you can ignore. A good and authentic supplier gives reply to customer feedback even negative.

Place Wholesale Orders:

Once finalization, place your wholesale order with the manufacturer or supplier and ask for discount policy. Suppliers who have FIXED PRICE policy are the best choice compare to who offer some discount. Because discount offers increase the product cost indirectly. It’s a fact or truth; None of manufacturer/supplier gives discount from their pocket, they increase some percent in product prices and offers some discount to attract wholesale customers and you never know how much percentage they have included in product pricing. So go for quality product @reasonable price, not for discount offers.

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