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What Should I buy, Kurti Catalogs OR Kurtis of My Choice?

Ladies Kurti Wholesalers

Nowadays Indian markets are flooded with a variety of Kurti Catalogs tempting everyone with glamorous cover pages, beautiful backgrounds and stylish models wearing latest kurtis and tunics . Kurti Manufacturer and Wholesale Kurti Suppliers spend a significant amount to get those catalogs, hiring models and studios for their catalog shoot. All those catalogs get introduced in different Volumes every month or fortnightly depending upon brands. Some suppliers also launches their kurti catalogs by inviting all big customers of the industry in a hotel or resort.

Pros and Cons of Buying Kurti Catalogs:

There are some benefits of buying kurti catalogs for business purpose:

  • The main benefit is Small Investment. Kurti catalogs come in a pack of 8 to 20 pieces which is a very small investment for a home based business, shop or showroom.
  • Easy to sell products to the customers showing catalogs.
  • Can buy multiple catalogs to have variety in the store.
  • Can circulate images on social media for online orders.

There are some disadvantages of buying kurti catalogs:

  • The worst thing buying catalogs is Unwanted Designs. Suppliers keep some old fashion designs or less moving designs inner pages of the catalog and the buyers are not allowed to choose from the designs. The buyers have to take the whole catalog at a time. From the catalog, good designs get sold quickly but other ones increases your dead stock.
  • Limitation of sizes: Mostly kurti catalogs includes 2-3 sizes only and again you have to take all sizes. No choice in the sizes for the catalog system.
  • The price of catalogs are always higher side because, it has the cost of making catalogs, hiring models and studio expanses.
  • High Competition: Same type of kurti catalogs are sold to many buyers through their online channels or offline. Some of them sell in very low margin which is cause of high competition.
  • Common Designs: Since the same type of catalogs get sold to many buyers the designs get common quickly. Everywhere in online marketplaces you can find the same designs with the same pic @different prices.
  • The Suppliers do not provide same designs repeatedly if required.
  • Quality Issues: The suppliers spend a significant amount on marketing through catalogs but do not spend nothing on quality control. The kurti designs looks very pretty in the catalog but the quality of fabric, stitching and finishing do not come up to the mark.

Ladies Kurti Manufacturers and Wholesale Kurti Suppliers Snehal Creation based in Mumbai gives freedom to the customers to select from vast range of latest kurti designs, color and sizes. They have huge collection of Designer Kurtis, Cotton Kurtis, Long Kurtis, Rayon Kurtis, Short kurtis, Denim Kurtis and Jeans Kurtis showing at www.snehalcreation.com with the best wholesale prices.

Tips to Buy Wholesale Kurtis Online


Nowadays everything you can buy online whether for personal use or for business purpose. While online shopping for personal use from B to C portals, customer gets easy return option in a limited time but at the same time on B to B portals, this option does not appear or available with some terms and conditions. In today’s online world; Small retailers, showroom owners and shops also want to procure their inventory directly from Ladies Kurti Manufacturers to reduce their extra cost like the huge margin/ commission of distributors, wholesalers and traders so they can compete with cut-throat competition.

Finding Kurti Manufacturers Online:

In order to find a manufacturer online, just go to Google and search for your desired product manufacturer using some keywords related to your product i.e. Kurti Manufacturers, Kurti Wholesalers. You will find a list of manufacturers, wholesalers and dealers nearby your location but it’s not necessary that these sellers are suitable for you. You should also try to search with a location from where you are looking for a manufacturer i.e. Kurti Manufacturers in Mumbai, Wholesale Kurtis in Mumbai, Ladies Kurti Manufacturers in Malad, Kurti Wholesalers Mumbai etc.

Short List Suitable Manufacturers:

Once you find the list of manufacturers, just visit their websites and check their products and prices as well. You can call them and inquire about their products, price range, quality etc. Also inquire about courier charges, tax invoice, and return/exchange policies. If possible, you should visit their place so you can check the product quality and all varieties. If not, you can request them to send some details on WhatsApp or email. Simultaneously, check the company’s reputation online; Read carefully customer feedback, negative comments and also check whether any complaint against the manufacturer showing online. Good feedback can be arranged but none of supplier want to show their negative feedback, so please read carefully and notice whether the manufacturer/supplier has replied on negative feedback or not. Sometimes competitors and jealous people give false negative feedback to reduce manufacturer’s repo and popularity which you can ignore. A good and authentic supplier gives reply to customer feedback even negative.

Place Wholesale Orders:

Once finalization, place your wholesale order with the manufacturer or supplier and ask for discount policy. Suppliers who have FIXED PRICE policy are the best choice compare to who offer some discount. Because discount offers increase the product cost indirectly. It’s a fact or truth; None of manufacturer/supplier gives discount from their pocket, they increase some percent in product prices and offers some discount to attract wholesale customers and you never know how much percentage they have included in product pricing. So go for quality product @reasonable price, not for discount offers.

Are You Reseller OR Looking for Drop-Shipping?


    Are you Kurti Reseller / Wholesaler?

    Snehal Creation is a Mumbai-based leading Ladies Kurti Manufacturer, Wholesaler and Supplier. We are also known as the trend-setter in exporting latest, fashionable kurtis and tunics. They are famous for our high-quality products and timely completion of their consignments.

    They have wholesalers and resellers accross the country as well as overseas, who sell our kurtis and tunics by forwarding their pictures to prospective customers over various digital platforms. To provide better service to their resellers, they have started a new venture in the name of Online Kurtis. The Online Kurtis team dedicatedly work for their resellers network.

    Why you should join their Reseller's Program?

    Reselling is an affordable business model, wherein you can sell various products via WhatsApp / Instagram / Facebook / telegram by sharing images and details of the kurtis with interested buyers. Therefore, a reseller could be anybody interested in making money and does not need to have experience in this field to start reselling our kurtis.

    Reselling does not involve major investment as you have to pay for the kurtis only when your customer has bought it. Also, you don’t need to maintain any inventory of the kurtis as we can directly ship them to your customers address with your details on the package.

    Lastly, you can set your own price margins on the kurtis while further selling to your customers. Hence, it involves a low financial risk.

    How to join our Reseller Program?

    Save their number 7304688997 with the name OnlineKurtis and Send a SCREEN-SHOT of the saved number with Your Name and Location to us.

    With this confirmation, they will add you to their whatsapp reseller groups and broadcasting lists.

    DM now if you have any query 👉 https://wa.me/message/IXAC7DRQJQDPC1Come, join now!!!

    Difference between Kurti and Kurta

    The primary difference between Kurta and Kurti is nothing more than their lengths. Kurta are normally long, typically knee, calf length or ancle length, whereas a Kurti is often short measuring at waist or hip length.

    Both Long Kurta and Short Kurti are different types of ladies tops that can be worn with leggings, patialas, jeans, jeggings or plazzo. They were originally designed for functionality, as their loose cotton fit was ideal for the hot and humid climate of India as well as other regions. However, over time various fashions, trends, and styles started to develop, and today they are worn more due to their fashion aesthetics rather than simply for functionality.

    There are some that are mid- thigh length as well, and while some classify those as kurta, others classy them as kurtis.

    Typically, Women Kurtas were and still are worn with pajamas or churidaars. This has historically been the case and for the same reasons. The pajamas or churidaars also featured loose fitting and wear made from cotton as required by the climate. However, due to westernization and the rise of the jeans, many people often started wearing kurtas with jeans and leggings as well. Kurti, on the other hand, is typically worn with jeans, jeggings or skirts. They are not commonly worn with pajamas or churidaars as their short length does not typically complement them. However, variations in style are often made and it is a personal choice as to wear what.

    Secret Shimmer Rayon Formal Wear Kurti For Women

    Rayon Kurti

    Enjoy the sparkle in subtlety as you narrow down on this Secret Rayon Formal Wear Kurti for Women from the house of Snehal Creations. This round neck kurti is made up of Mustard Color and print design. The kurti has three quarter sleeve and printing on cuffs. Red taping adorns the cuff edges, the base of tunic and gala Patti.
    Rayon Kurtis are very much popular these days because of it’s soft feel and comfortableness of the fabric. Rayon is a Soft & Cool fabric and can wear in all seasons. There are a lot of variety in this fabric. A branded kurti manufacturer use heavy quality (14kg.) fabric or more heavy (18kg.) quality for kurtis and some cheap kurti manufacturers use low quality (12kg.) fabric which should be avoided by a reputed retailer and showrooms.

    Women Kurtis: Reason Behind Popularity

    Designer Kurtis

    Designer Kurtis or Designer Tunics are a mélange of traditional designs and western values and hence are popular amongst new age women across the world. Sellers prefer stocking Designer Ladies Kurtis for more than one reason.
    Designers know that there exists a thin line between what’s designer, what’s trendy and what’s clearly tacky.  Their team creates some best in class fashion ensembles, keeping global tastes and liking in minds.

    Kurti Variety: Peep inside a women’s mind and you will see a thousand thought bubbles, each one looking for assortments, choices or options in everything they buy. Designer Kurtis are no exception. Women Kurtis have following options:

    1. Exclusive Georgette Kurtis: Women who have the perfect hour glass shape, prefer fabrics that are not stiff and wrap around their bodies naturally. These exclusive Georgette Kurtis are especially designed to give a lift to the curves and give a chic look to the wearer.
    2. Embroidery Tunics: Nothing beats the riches of thread woven in classy designs. It bring contemporary look to modern tunics. Women, who do not like flashy stone or diamond work, can go for these rich looking Embroidery Tunics. They are so versatile that one can choose to wear them on casual as well as party occasions.
    3. Cotton Kurtis: Daily fashion need not be plain, our designers strongly believe. They have put together a range of classic printed Cotton Kurtis that provide comfort for every day wear and yet have some unique ink touches that can make heads turn.

    Color: Depending on the design one can get pastel colors like yellow, turquoise, parrot green, pink or a similar palette for women from the west. Women in east prefer more earthy colors and hence they can get brown, black, navy blue, coral green and other such variations as well. Each design has enough color options, making the choice easy.

    Pattern: Bell sleeves, elbow length or sleeveless, our Kurti & Tunic collection has it all. The neck patterns also include deep V shape, leaf shape, close stand collar, boat neck and you name it. The tunic length varies from hip covering lengths to knee length to suit the tastes and liking of all women. From simple A lines to umbrella look, the tunic fabric flow is also carefully designed.

    Denim Kurtis- Perfect Choice in 2019

    Denim Kurtis and Tunics

    We all love to dress up, don’t we? We buy and wear dresses according to fashion, occasion, season and trends. Some seem to flatter our body shape and some are a classic addition to our wardrobe. The dresses can be styled to suit our body shape and a bring us a notch higher. Highlight the beauty in your spirit and add character to your personality with Denim Kurti. Style yourself with glamour as you team our gorgeous denim tunics with something funky like looped earrings, a belt, and dainty footwear. Be ready for the day out or a night of rendezvous with denim kurti for ladies. You know you can wear denim to a formal dinner without any hassle when you decide to adorn the trendy designer denim kurti from our collection.

    Brace up for admiring glances coming your way as you move gracefully around in Denim tunic for ladies. To get a girlish look pair with chunky small earrings and wedges for a casual look. Play around with your looks as the denim is flexible to suit any event.

    Designer Long Kurtis

    Designer Long Kurti

    Fashion is always considered to be a round table; it keeps on repeating after a certain era; the styles, the cuts and the pattern. India is a country where the fashion is dependent upon the region, culture and the climate. It relies on the ancient cloth designs and traditions but with new gateways opened to global market, Indian fashion is emerging and there is a concept of fusion involving Indian and western dresses. It varies from gold threads in embroidery to Lucknow chikan to zardozi work to designer Indian Kurtis.

    Indian Kurtis are one of the oldest and versatile wear for the women of the country. It is perfectly suited for a summer day casual outing to a night party or a festive season wear. It’s available in different styles, shapes and sizes and varied colours. The cloth we wear is a reflection of our very own personality, you can’t wear a sari going to an event where most of the time you have to keep running, similarly you can’t wear a casual outfit for a wedding. Fashion Faux pass are very common and one should have a sartorial sense of dressing to get those attention which we everyone desire for.

    Along with keeping the occasion in mind, it is equally important to be comfortable in whatever you are wearing, if you can’t carry the attire you are wearing, it will reflect in our behaviour and you will not enjoy the occasion. An Indian Kurti or a tunic goes with most of the occasions because now a day’s it’s the latest trend. A slim fitted or an elegant cut kurti will make you the epicentre of charm and attraction and will be suited for every status quo.

    Let’s take a look why women today prefer wearing it –

    • Comfort and feel at ease. Indian climate forces women to wear attire of specific material; kurtis or tunics give immense comfort in every season topped with other accessories. Various assortments of fabrics, along with the work on it, provide grace and makes confident.
    • Fashion statement. With designer kurtis in trend in the market, it’s a fashion statement. The guise and style remains unparallel matched from other attires being designed by well known designers in the fashion industry. It’s a piece of clothing which is always in trend and never goes out of the fashion.
    • Suitable for every age group. Either you are a teenager, or in your thirties; it makes you look out of the crowd. Carrying a dupatta gives you a traditional look where as pairing it up with a legging or a jeans makes you a college going girl.

    One can buy it from designer’s stores from any mall in the city, or can go for wholesale online shopping availing the comfort of home. Before you purchase it online, look at the authenticity of the site and the payment mode, reliability of the manufacturer and feedback of the other customers.  You should zoom the image of the garment and read in details about its size and cut. One can’t check the material by touching it with hands and feel the smoothness of the fabric but most of the online stores now have the facility to return the product if the user doesn’t like it. You can avail the same which will save you from being stuck with something you don’t like. So avoid the long queues or seasons end sales rush in the shops and shop from home being tucked in your couch and flaunt your designer stylish kurti to your friends and family.

    Ladies Kurtis and Tunics Trend

    Short Kurti

    Designer kurtis are the best combination of trend and tradition and give the best alternative to women. It gives an appealing look to her personality and keeps her updated in the fashion industry. These Ladies kurtis when worn with leggings, churidars or trousers give a modern look and can be conveniently worn in any occasion. Snehal Creation offers you the latest trends in designer wears and kurtis. We are the manufacturers and exporters of Indian ethnic wear, tunics and kurtis which are in high demand all over the world.

    Modern India has a steep orientation towards Western fashion and therefore, we aspire to blend the tradition of India with that of Western culture. We offer a wide variety of colorful and splendid collection of designer kurtis for every age group. Our exclusive collection gives you a choice for every occasion and lets you choose amongst different styles and latest trends. You can find a new collection every week at our store and get stunning attire for yourself, making your wardrobe a unique collection of the trendy attires. We also have leggings and tunics to mix and match rare combinations of colors and styles and flaunt your personality with it.

    Indian fashion designers introduce rich variety of gorgeously embellished Bollywood fashion kurtis and designer tunics that give smart and charismatic look to your personality. This gives you a wide choice of selecting embroidered tunics, cotton kurti or kurti with work like beads, sequins, etc. to be worn at different events, gatherings and ceremonies. This integral inevitability of life leads you to have a wide ranging casual women dresses, as well as trendy dresses and enjoy the accomplishment of being appealing. These designer Indian kurtis give you a smart and classy look and also offer you the advantage of online shopping from any store.